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Gospel-Driven Mission To Make Disciples

The 17th APBY Conference is themed Making and Multiplying Disciples to champion the call of Jesus for every believer to be a disciplemaker in the context of the local church—wherever God leads andRead more

How Do We Respond to Global Instability and All It Is Creating?

There is a Jewish proverb that I have loved for many, many years. I have seen it tattooed on backs and arms, painted as graffiti, written on inspirational posters. However, when I stop and thinkRead more

Asia Baptist Women’s Union (ABWU)

Rev. Edwin Lam, President and General Secretary Rev. Dr. Vee Tetseo attended the ABWU President’s Summit in Korea! Rev. Edwin Lam shares with ABWU how partnership brings strength in the work of theRead more

My Journey With APBF

It all started in the year 2012 when I was asked to be part of the APBF Congress worship team. I had just begun my ministry then as a Music Minister at Shillong Baptist Church. It was a greatRead more

Where to Begin?

This was my first APBY Conference and I leave blessed!  Truth be told, I had never heard of APBY or APBF until Pastor Vee reached out to me last Fall asking if I could participate and lead aRead more

What A Blessed Time It Was!

All together 715 delegates, 30 workshops and plenary sessions speakers, 17 countries represented from the Asia Pacific, came together at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baguio City,Read more

The Missional Passion of Baptists

Asia is a continent filled with so much cultural diversity that it will take years to learn the cultural uniqueness each tribe represents and celebrate the differences God has bestowed upon Asians. BRead more

Meeting In Hong Kong

Meeting the leaders of Hong Kong Baptist Convention and the positivity of our leaders to support APBF. HKBC has been instrumental in bringing the first APBF when it began in 1975-the defining moment Read more

BWA Annual Gathering at the Bahamas

On July 12th, APBF Regional Meeting was held at Arawak B room during BWA Assembly in Bahamas today! A lovely refreshing moment for us meeting and a special moment to invite Zomi Baptist ConventionRead more

Welcome Zomi Baptist Convention of Myanmar

On July 11th, 2019,the APBF along with the BWA has voted for and welcomed the Zomi Baptist Convention of Myanmar, a convention of 27,964 members in 190 churches to the APBF-BWA Family. Welcome them!Read more

Humility - The Bedrock Of Discipleship

Most of us think of humility as just another virtue -- much like patience, goodness, or kindness. It's nice and we appreciate it when we see it, but we rarely discuss it and almost never pursue it.Read more

Farewell Dinner & Thanks

The APBAid Committee has met in Melaka from June 21-22, 2019 to bid farewell to Rev. Kabi Gangmei, Director of APBAid and Ms. Feraz Legita, Assistant Director of APBAid who is ending their service wiRead more



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